Nature, especially flowers, bring me joy.  I love growing, drawing, painting, making pigments, and incorporating flowers into my everyday life.

I love flowers

i'm Rasa, nice to meet you.

It's incredible what you and nature can create!

Lilacs.  I grew up with lilac bushes growing along our fence and under my bedroom window.  Lilacs are my favorite sent and the official sign of Spring for me.

my favorite flower

The Killers

what's playing on repeat

In nature under the stars in or in the ocean snorkeling.

my favorite place

Sewing, especially quilts.
You can see some of my past projects here.

My favorite hobby

As a surface pattern designer I create digital artwork, that repeats in patterns, for surfaces of products.  My surface pattern design work is inspired by flowers and nature. I find inspiration from my own garden as well as beautiful gardens and parks I have visited across the country.   Take a peek at my portfolio here.


Surface Pattern


Always be Kind & Plant More Flowers

my favorite helpers